Alton School

Design Technology

Our Design and Technology (DT) curriculum is taught through our Art and Computing lessons and by the class teachers. TheArticle Image school has regular DT days at the end of each half term.

Good design puts people first. It uses creativity to solve problems, challenge thinking and make lives better. Designers shape the built environment, the digital world and the products and services we use, creating better places, better products, better processes and better performance. 

Design and technology is a growing and integral part of our lives; our children will be the innovators and designers of the future so our DT curriculum requires children to show innovation, creativity and to develop specific skills.

In Design and Technology pupils, make and evaluate their work, using their technical knowledge. Pupils will experience working with a range of construction materials, mechanism and structures and will be taught how to consider their most suitable application to make products to solve problems, as well as learning to use tools safely and confidently.


Download our Q1E Design Technology Curriculum Overview

Download our Q1E Design Technology Progression Document