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Our school plans and teaches lessons using the National Curriculum.  We have a curriculum statement for all the schools in our trust.

Below you can find detailed information about the curriculum in school, we have reguat meetings with prents where you can find out what you child is learnign each term.

Parents may also find the following document useful, to give them more information on the curriculum and how to support children at home: Parents_Complete_Guide.pdf

Our Curriculum Approach

Our curriculum is designed with excellence and equality at the core of all we do.  

Our learning approach, our learning environments and our curriculum are organised with the children at the centre, so their experience at The Alton is of a rich, rewarding education where they achieve and succeed every day. 

LEARN is our shared curriculum statement which drives our curriculum decisions for our learners to be engaging, ambitious, relevant and nurturing. 

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The national curriculum has clear expectations for all the subjects that we teach. Teaching is carefully planned to follow the learning objectives for each subject. At The Alton we believe it is vital to connect the pupils’ learning and we value our developing cross-curricular strategies and skills, which help to bring learning alive for our pupils. In this way, the natural links and relationships between subjects are made clear to the pupils so that their interest and enthusiasm for learning can be developed in a relevant context. The time allocation of subjects matches the curriculum emphasis and further details are available in school. We have worked hard to make our curriculum relevant to our pupils, developing an approach to all subjects to support our underlying aim to develop English, maths and computer skills and The Alton School follows the national curriculum in all year groups.