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We want our children to love learning and enjoy school. We spend a great amount of time and energy ensuring our curriculum is exciting, thoroughly planned and well resourced so that it provides our children with the skills and knowledge they will need for their future success in a changing world. We employ excellent teachers and support staff to maintain and further improve the quality of learning and teaching, and we monitor this closely.

Our school plans and teaches lessons using the National Curriculum. Read more about our curriculum, or find out more about our approach to inclusion and special educational needs

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We have an Excellent Learner scheme at The Alton.  Students at our school strive to use excellent learner qualities throughout the curriculum and are praised when they use a specific quality.

Excellent Learners: ask for help, like a challenge, listen well, learn with others, ask questions, are not scared to make mistakes, don't give up, are creative, can learn by themselves, want to learn more. 

Students understand what it takes to be an excellent learner and think about using excellent learner skills in each lesson. They have found this empowering and it has had an impact on their attitude towards learning and striving to succeed.

Each day a student is chosen to be ‘star of the day’ because they showed a specific excellent learner quality on the previous day. They are given a sticker for their own personal chart to show they have achieved the use of that quality.

Excellent learners are also recognised in weekly achievement assemblies and if they complete their excellent learner chart they will receive their bronze award.  To achieve their silver and gold awards they will need to keep on using the excellent learner qualities.

Parents can support us by using the language of Excellent Learners with their children.

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